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Peaceful Pooch

Can Peaceful Pooch be used on a regular basis?

Yes, Peaceful Pooch can be used daily. If used consistently it will benefit your dog by helping them feel calmer and more relaxed.

Can Peaceful Pooch be given to pregnant & nursing dogs?

No, we recommend booking and appointment with your vet for specific advice

Is Peaceful Pooch gluten or grain free?

No, since Brewer's Yeast contains gluten from Barley.

Can you mix the powder in milk or water?

No, unfortunately this product is not soluble.

Is Peaceful Pooch vegan?

Yes, it is also plant based

Once opened, does it keep until the best before date?

Yes, Peaceful Pooch will keep until the best before date even when opened

How long does it take to start seeing results?

Depending on the dog, the level of anxiety and the situation it can take between 24hrs to 14 days for Peaceful Pooch to have an effect.

What flavour is Peaceful Pooch?

Peaceful Pooch is unflavoured.

Can Peaceful Pooch be given to puppies?

Peaceful Pooch can be given to puppies from aged 12 weeks onwards.

Is it ok to take Peaceful Pooch in conjunction with any other Buddy & Lola products?

Yes, Peaceful Pooch can be taken at the same time as our other products.

Is it ok to mix with other products at the same meal?

Yes, it is ok to mix this with other products.

What is the size of the pouch?

It is 120g

How many teaspoons in a scoop?

One level scoop is 2g and this is just under half a teaspoon.

Is this product suitable for dogs on a low purine diet?

Unfortunately no, due to the mollusc derived raw materials.