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Jammin' Salmon

Why should I use salmon oil on a daily basis?

Our Salmon Oil is all-natural, sustainable and human grade. If you want the best possible supplement for your dog’s skin health, fur health, paw health and appetite, you won't be disappointed.

Can salmon oil be given to pregnant & nursing dogs?

Yes, absolutely. The oil from our Salmon is especially rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids which can help support your nursing or pregnant dog’s health.

Is Salmon Oil suitable for puppies?

Yes, puppies can use salmon oil from six weeks old.

What ingredients are in the Jammin' Salmon?

Jammin' Salmon is pure Salmon Oil with added Vitamin E (natural tocopherol).

What makes your salmon oil unique?

By using fresh, high quality raw materials, we’re able to produce a fresh and pure salmon oil. Since the oil is produced for human consumption, it’s a very high-quality product without any chemical additives.

Will my dog like the taste?

Salmon oil is loved by most dogs - hence why it is used as a tasty food topper for so many of our customers.

Can Jammin' Salmon be taken alongside medication and other supplements?

Yes, however please check with your vet first for specific advice.

How much Omega 3 is in the salmon oil?

The Omega 3 content per 2ml pump is 442-478mg.

Is the salmon oil hypoallergenic?

Officially it's not hypoallergenic as some dogs may have an allergy to finfish.

Can Jammin' Salmon be given to my cat?

Whilst theoreticaly it should be ok for your cat to take our Jammin' Salmon, we haven't tested it for cats and therefore we cannot advise you to give it to your cat.

Can you have too much Omega 6?

Dogs should have a balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 but too much Omega 6 can cause inflammation. So it very much depends on what you are currently feeding your dog.

Does Jammin' Salmon have a taste or smell?

Our product both smells and tastes of fish.