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Weight Gainer

Can Weight Gainer be used on a regular basis?

Yes, Weight Gainer can be used daily. Please refer to our feeding guidelines for the number of daily scoops your dog needs.

Can this supplement be given to pregnant and nursing dogs?

Yes, our weight gain supplement is suitable for pregnant dogs and nursing mums. It's a great product for nursing mothers as it normalises blood glucose levels and promotes muscles recovery.

Will my dog like the taste of Weight Gainer?

Weight Gainer has an irresistible chicken flavour, so you can sprinkle it on top of your dog’s regular meals - both wet and dry. Trust us, they’ll love the natural chicken flavour!

Is Weight Gainer gluten or grain free?

None of the ingredients within Weight Gain could be claimed as gluten-free. However, that does not mean that a dog with an intolerance would necessarily have issues due to the actual level of gluten. If you're uncertain please check with your vet fir

Can Weight Gainer be taken alongside medication and other supplements?

Yes, however please check with your vet first for specific advice.

Should Weight Gainer be used on wet or dry food?

This supplement can be sprinkled on both wet and dry food.

Can this supplement be used for dogs with Epi?

Sadly Weight Gainer is not suitable for dogs suffering from EPI, due to this product’s high fat content. We recommend consulting your vet for advice on how to support dogs with this condition.

Is Weight Gainer suitable for dogs with colitis?

Dogs suffering from colitis would usually be recommended to have a low-fat diet, so it is possible it may aggravate the symptoms. Super Tummy Daily might help instead

Is there anything else I can do to help my dog put on weight?

Dogs use fat then protein and finally carbs for energy so the best option is to increase their level of carbs in the diet. We suggest lightly cooked sweet potato or butternut squash. Another option would be to add a little olive oil to their food or

Why do you use Soy protein in your Weight Gainer and is it non-GMO?

The soy protein used is non-GMO. Soy is generally safe for dogs to eat in moderation and is found in many dog foods as a source of plant-based protein. The daily serving of the soy-based ingredient within this product is only 6g for a medium-sized do

Does Weight Gainer contain chicken?

No, the chicken flavour comes from the yeast content.

Can a dog who isn't lethargic but needs to gain weight use Weight Gainer?

Yes, absolutely

Is this product suitable for older dogs?

Weight Gainer is suitable for building and maintaining muscle in senior dogs, nursing mums and puppies, in addition to rescue dogs and fussy eaters.

How many calories are there in one scoop?

Each 7g scoop of Weight Gainer contains 43 calories. Since food labels are normally per 100g, that equates to over 614 calories per 100g.

Can Weight Gainer be mixed with water?

Is is highly palatable and you should not need to mix it with water. Mixing it with water will not make it less effective, however it might become sludge like.

Does Weight Gainer have a smell or taste?

Weight Gainer smells and tastes of chicken.

My Weight Gainer is shortly out of date

Due to the nature of the ingredients in the Weight Gainer it only lasts six months from the day of manufacture.

What are the ingredients of Weight Gainer?

Vegetable Powder, Soy Protein, Flax Seed, Coconut Milk Powder and Pumpkin Powder.

Is Weight Gainer suitable for puppies?

Yes, Weight Gainer is suitable from 12 weeks old.

Is Weight Gainer suitable for dogs with an underactive thyroid?

There shouldn't be any issues, although one of the main symptoms of this condition is weight gain.

Is this product suitable for dogs on a low purine diet?

The vegetable fat manufacturer does not declare the exact vegetable source, so although it should be suitable, we cannot be 100% sure.

What are the sources of protein in this supplement?

The protein sources are soy and pumpkin. Flaxseed is also a source of protein.

Is Weight Gainer suitable for dogs with kidney disease?

Some of the dietary considerations for dogs with kidney disease include decreasing protein and fat intake. This product is high in protein and fat so although only a supplement rather than a feed, it would still contribute to these nutrient levels th