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Scoot Stopper

Do the chews contain chicken or bacon?

Yes they have both chicken and bacon powder (100% natural)

How long does it take to start seeing results?

Expect to see results from 1-2 weeks, often less.

How long should the chews be taken for?

At least 2 weeks

Can you take Scoot Stopper on an ongoing basis?

Yes, it can help prevent the onset of scooting behaviour

Can you mix the chews with milk or water?

For best results we advise that you don’t mix these chews with water or milk, as they’re intended to be enjoyed on their own.

Can Scoot Stopper be given to pregnant & nursing dogs?

No, we advise speaking to your vet to discuss the best option for your dog

Are the chews gluten and grain free?

Yes, Scoot Stopper chews are gluten free however they are not grain free

Can Scoot Stopper be taken alongside medication and other supplements?

Yes, however please check with your vet first for specific advice

Once opened, does it keep until the best before date?

Once opened, the chews should be consumed within 3 months

How long will a tub of Scoot Stopper dog chews last?

How long each tub of Scoot Stopper chews will last will depend on the size of your dog. Each tub contains 60 chews and the number of chews you will use per day will depend on the size of your dog. Please see below our feeding guidelines:. *This produ

What flavour are Scoot Stopper chews?

The chews are chicken and bacon flavour

Are there any medications you shouldn't mix with Scoot Stopper chews?

Not that we're aware of, however we advise you speak to your vet for specific advice relating to your dog.

Once opened do Scoot Stopper chews keep until the best before date?

Once opened, the chews should be used within 3 months

How are Scoot Stopper chews made?

Ingredients are mixed in a commercial blender then extruded cold through a square shaped die, chopped into cubes, filled into pots then sealed and labeled

Are Scoot Stopper chews safe for dogs on a low purine diet?

Yes, Scoot Stopper chews can be given to dogs who are on a low purine diet