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Bouncy Bones

Is Bouncy Bones suitable for puppies?

Yes, puppies can use Bouncy Bones from 6 weeks old

What Size Is The Scoop?

1 level scoop = 1g of Bouncy Bones powder

What Flavour Is The Powder?

There is no added flavour to the Buddy & Lola Bouncy Bones, but it smells a bit fishy due to the green lipped mussel.

Does Bouncy Bones have a smell or taste?

Bouncy Bones joint support is fish flavoured, so you can sprinkle on top of your dog’s regular meals. Trust us, your dog will be begging for more.

What are the ingredients of Bouncy Bones?

Methylsulfonylmethane (45.88%); Glucosamine HCL (29.41%); Green Lipped Mussel (17.65%); Chondroitin Sulphate (2.94%); Curcumin (1.18%); Beta-1,3/1,6-glucans (0.59%); Hyaluronic Acid 0.18%). Gelatine capsule. ADDITIVES: Nutritional Additives (per kg):

Are the ingredients in Bouncy Bones natural?

All ingredients are either from a natural source or are produced through fermentation from a natural source.

Can I take Bouncy Bones and Kurasyn?

Bouncy Bones contains both HA and Curcumin as per Kurasyn. Based on this, we do not consider it necessary to use an additional product containing any ingredients in common. Using both products concurrently is unlikely to cause any issues.

Can this supplement be given to pregnant & nursing dogs?

No, we recommend contacting your vet for specific advice.

Is Bouncy Bones gluten and grain free?

No, Bouncy Bones is not gluten free, nor grain free.

How long does it take for Bouncy Bones to start working?

After the first 30 days, you may start to notice small changes in your dog's joint health and mobility.From month 3 onwards, continued use has never been more important. By following the correct directions for use and regular supplementation, you'll

Is the Green Lipped Mussels freeze dried?

Yes, the GLM is freeze-dried.

Is this product suitable for dogs on a low purine diet?

Unfortunately not, due to the yeast content.