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How do I redeem a voucher code reward?Updated 2 years ago

Lola’s Loyalty Club gives you the opportunity to earn Pooch Points every time you place an order or complete certain activities.

Once you have accumulated enough to meet the thresholds, you can convert points into a voucher code by visiting Lola’s Loyalty Club rewards page area. To make the discount apply to your next order, the voucher code must be either:

1) Code applied to an upcoming order of your existing subscription

 2) Code applied at the checkout for a brand new order (one-time or new subscription).

You may choose between vouchers that can be redeemed against brand new purchases, or vouchers to use on an upcoming subscription order:

Once you have selected "get reward" for the voucher you wish to redeem, you will be shown a confirmation on the screen. This will state whether you're about to select a subscription voucher or a new purchase voucher. If the voucher you selected was incorrect, choose 'not now' to go back and select another.

Upon confirming, you will be shown your voucher code on the screen. Make a note of the code or click the clipboard icon button on the right to copy it to your device's clipboard. This will allow you to paste it easily later on!

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