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Why don't your vets prescribe medications?Updated a year ago

Prescribing medications is an act of veterinary medicine, so to prescribe medications our vets would need to see your dog. If you get a prescription from your physical vet then they are more than happy to help you get those medications by pointing you towards their digital pharmacy partners.

If the wrong medications are given in the wrong circumstances it can make things a lot worse for your dog, not to mention if they give antibiotics out inappropriately it can lead to bacteria developing resistance which can be life-threatening to your dog.

We also wants to support the vet profession, if they give out medications, it takes revenues away from practices, and the knock-on effect is it increases the cost of other services to you. 

This is because a vet practice will need to make up that money lost from other areas and treatment services. So by working together, not only can they help direct you in the right way, but they can also help your vet practice stay open so that you can get veterinary services on your doorstep.

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