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What is free vet support?Updated a year ago

Out free vet support is literally like having a vet at your fingertips at all times. Like one of our community members described, ‘it’s like having a new best mate who just happens to be a vet’.

Everyone always has the odd question, or two, or twenty, about their dog.

Some go to Dr Google to find their answer. Others ask in social media groups. The problem is, an internet search brings back generic information, then you have to read it, figure out where it came from, who wrote it; and some 30 minutes later, still decide if it helps or not. Social media on the other hand gives you 100’s of different answer - which may not be wrong but they aren’t specific to you, your dog or your circumstance.

So, we partnered with VidiVet to offer you all of the speed and convenience of an internet search but with all of the clinical expertise from UK registered vets. That way, you can ensure you only get the best and most appropriate advice for your dog.

That’s what it is - think of it like the lovechild between Dr Google and NHS 111 but for your dog.

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